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Retirement Plans

When it comes to retirement planning, many of us run into the same questions. We all want to make sure we are making the most out of our company sponsored retirement plans while also taking full advantage of other savings methods available to us. The problem for some is uncertainty about where to turn next to figure out if you are making the most of your retirement planning. At Csenge Advisory Group, we have the knowledge and experience to help identify all available retirement plans available to you to help you maximize your success along the road to retirement. We will look at employer sponsored retirement plans like 401k and 403b plans, and also look look at what you can invest in on your own, like an individual retirement plan. 

Individual Retirement Plans

Simply having a retirement plan may not be enough toward saving for those golden years - We believe the key to a worry-free retirement, is understanding how to make these plans work harder for you, and that's where Csenge comes in.

When it comes to your 401K or IRA, we take a hands-on, educational approach. If you already have a company-sponsored 401K plan, we can help you make sure it's working in your best interest through asset allocation and risk management. If you do not have a 401K, we can help you find one that's best for you. And when it comes to an IRA, we can ensure you are saving and allocated in all stages of life.

Managing a lifelong retirement plan requires:

  • Understanding the options available to you
  • Proper investment selection
  • A disciplined, ongoing monitoring schedule
  • Smart asset allocation
  • Considering fees and expenses that accompany your 401(k)

Learn More About the Various Retirement Plans Available

 Note: When evaluating contributions and/or distributions from retirement plans, always consult a tax professional to review your personal tax situation and ensure you qualify for the plan and the rules listed above.